Sunday, January 7, 2007

Movies this weekend

We saw two movies this last weekend, one at the theatre and another on DVD. Both were very similar, action flicks with spectacular special effects and storylines with holes big enough to fly a 747 through them.

We finally caught Dhoom 2. It’s run for 50 days and after watching it, one wonders how. Just like how a room full of cops fails to notice the mini car waltz across the room, climb up the pedestal, remove the diamond and deliver it to Hritik? What were the people monitoring the cameras doing? Eating vada-pav? It was the same for the other movie, Mission Impossible 3. How is it that you can plug any wire into any socket and they work just like that? Haven’t they heard of protocols? Wish it was just as easy in real life.

They belong to the genre where its best to not ask any questions, and just enjoy the action on the screen. And on the entertainment quotient, both delivered. I felt MI-3 was more paisa-vasool, as we paid only 50 bucks for it!!!

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