Sunday, January 7, 2007

My Google Reader Link blog

I experimented with a number of RSS aggregators (My Yahoo, a couple of Windows based ones, one that plugs in to Outlook, can't recall the name, Sage a Firefox plug-in). The biggest problem that I had was synchronizing the read items across the computer at home and my laptop. I started with Google Reader right after it was released. I guess the thing that really attracted me to it were the keyboard shortcuts, which made an old vi hand like me feel right at home.

I now spend atleast an hour a day on Google Reader, going through the various feeds that I subscribe to. My interests are mainly in the area of computers, sports and news/economy. I also subscribe to a few Indian feeds as well.

The point of this post is the ability in Google Reader to share items with the world. It is truly awesome, just a single keystroke and the item is flagged for sharing. My shared items page is here at Jaggu's shared items.

I'll be sharing items that are funny, interesting, inspiring, cool or just simply plain timepass.


meliorix said...

Hahaha...that movie list is sent me ROTFL.Where were these gems playing... while we lesser mortals/muggles looked elsewhere at Dhoom2 and MI3, someone took pains of making something like this.Sanskritised vulgarity, Kalidasian molesting....hahaha,my sides ache.

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Esraa Abbas said...

Esraa Abbas said...

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