Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A nice surprise

I got a nice surprise with my credit card bill today. ICICI Bank has a money back offer, where you get a certain percentage of your bill back based on the sum of the digits in your authorization number. I had always taken it with a bag of salt. I mean, who would give up to 100% off on your bill? True to form, I've only been getting 1-2% off on all my transactions these past few months. Not that I mind, atleast it takes care of the extra 2% that many people add to your bill if you pay by credit card.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, to find a 20% off on one of my transactions. Best of all, it was a big bill (16000) for the hotel stay during Mahesh’s marriage. And I get almost 3200 back! Now, when I buy that LCD TV that I've been eyeing for many months, I'll surely pay by credit card and hope for a similar gift.

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