Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Catching up...

There was a time when I had so much of time but so little to do. Nowadays, it seems like there is so much to do, but no time to really do them.

With so many information sources at our disposal nowadays, we are seriously suffering from information overload. Just sample all the items in my queue

The Monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma
The Road Ahead - Bill Gates
An area of Darkness - VS Naipaul

I haven’t even started on all my digital media consumption. I just about manage to keep up with all the podcasts that I subscribe and listen to during my workout at the gym. But, I’ve got a backlog of around 50 episodes (over 7-8 hours worth), mainly from CNN-IBN, BBC’s Documentary Archive and NPR’s Science Friday.

I’ve got around 10-12 DVDs that I have yet to watch, including the Departed, Devil wears Prada, Dor, Kabul Express etc. There’s atleast 3-4 downloaded movies still. I’m 5-6 episodes behind on Lost Season 3. I just started watching a new series Heroes, and have to catch up with that too (it's currently at Episode 18 of Season 1). Luckily, I hardly watch much TV nowadays, or else I would be even further behind.

At work, in addition to the daily tasks, I'm reading a couple of technical books, Excel 2003 Bible to brush up on my Excel skills and also an introductory book on IBM mainframes so that I can make sense of what my team is telling me. I also started learning Visual C# by downloading the eval copy, but never got around to finishing that.

I wish we had summer holidays at work too, so that I can catch up…

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