Friday, March 2, 2007

Exercise update

I have been extremely regular with the exercise ( I did 23 days in February), it does not seem to be helping on the weight loss front. Part of the reason could be my diet, the Hershey Kisses dark chocolate that Denish brought from the US. I also felt that my workout has become monotonous and need a bit of variety to maake it interesting again.I’ve made a few changes to the routine over the past week

- Instead of a 45 minute jog, I do 25-30 minutes on the exercise cycle, followed by 10-12 minutes of jogging at 9 kmph on the treadmill. This is followed by around 10 minutes of weight training and 30 situps
- I also came across HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The idea is that your body gets used to a certain routine and fat burning potential diminishes over time. With HIIT, you constantly vary the pace of exercise. Today, I tried it for the first time on the exercise cycle, 3 minutes of warmup, 1 minute of extremely high activity (as fast as I could go) followed by 2 minutes of cooldown. I wanted to do 8 rounds, but I couldn’t really do it beyond 7. I’ve read that HIIT is fairly hard on the body, so I intend to restrict it to once or twice a week

I’m thinking of the following schedule
- Day 1: cycling 25 minutes at constant pace + 15 minutes on the treadmill
- Day 2: running 30-35 minutes on the treadmill + weight training
- Day 3: HIIT workout for around 30 minutes + weight training
- Day 4: cycling at steady pace for 25-30 minutes
- Day 5: long run 7-8 km on the Ring Road
- Day 6: Brisk walk for 1 hour plus
- Day 7: rest

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srivatsa said...

looks good...but is it ok for people who have high BP? heard that pulse rate for a person having BP should not cross a certain limit.