Monday, April 16, 2007

Story of my ancient computer

Last weekend, I was finally able to dispose off my Celeron(P3) computer. It was the first computer that I built from scratch. I first built in in 99-00 and over the years upgraded many of the components. We started with a 4 GB hard drive and 128 MB of RAM and by end 2004, it was up to 384 MB of RAM, a CD-RW and 80 GB of memory. Through our stay in Mangalore, this was the primary computer that I used and it ran without skipping a beat (well, if you exclude 1 crashed hard drive and a couple of failed optical drives). When we returned to Bangalore, we found ourselves with 2 computers, and since the other was a Athlon 2000+XP, that I assembled in 2004, I couldn’t really find a reason to continue using this one. I stripped out the parts as best as I could and distributed them to various people. I bought a HDD casing and made an external drive out of that. I found a buyer for the monitor and speakers in late 2005, but there were absolutely no takers for what was remaining.

I toyed around with the idea of converting the computer into a file or media server but space is at a premium at my house. So, the computer was gathering dust. When my brother’s computer went on the blink, I took back the memory I had given him and advertised for the case+mb+cpu+memory bundle on various sites like craigslist, indiaconnect etc. Nothing happened for a few months, but then last week, I got a call from a prospective buyer. He finally came down on Saturday and bought the computer for the grand prize of 1000 rupees. Imagine, parts which cost me over 20000 rupees just 8 years back now worth little more than scrap value.

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