Monday, May 28, 2007

Dominos Pizza

We love Dominos pizza in my house, especially their Cheese-burst pizza.
On Sunday, we decided that we will get pizza for lunch. In the past, we
had ordered from Dominos Sarjapur Road for delivery. When I called them,
they took my telephone number and said that they are no longer
delivering to my area. I tried the outlets in Koramangala and BTM
Layout, but they too refused to deliver. The infuriating part is that
they deliver to HSR Sector 6&7, which is just a couple of minutes drive
from my place. I asked to speak to the manager at the BTM Layout store
and he gave me a story like how they recommend a maximum drive time of 9
minutes for the pizza to remain fresh. I asked, in that case, what
happens if there is a traffic jam, will you not deliver the pizza? Or
what if I take the pizza and don't eat it immediately? At that point, he
changed his line and said that the pizza would remain fresh for an hour.
I told him, in that case, my house is just another 2 minutes from your
delivery area, there is no other outlet delivering to my house, I am
ready to waive the free pizza offer if you don't deliver within x time,
just send me the pizza. Amazingly, he refused.
I promptly called up Pizza Corner, who delivered within 35 minutes. The
pizza didn't taste as good, but they got my 500 rupee order and Dominos
didn't. I'm planning to write to Dominos that while their pizzas may be good, their attitude to the
customer really sucks.

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