Friday, May 25, 2007

Lucky engineers

Yesterday, I visited one of the engineering college campuses in Bangalore (a bit of a stretch, it was atleast 30-40 km away). For some strange reason, this college was selected, it would be a stretch to even place it in the third rung of colleges in Bangalore, but that's another story atlogether. We did not go with high expectations, but even then were amazed with the results. We were one of the first companies to come to the campus (this is for students in their 6th semester, who will be passing out in Aug-Sep 2008). Out of the 120 people who wrote the written test, not one of them got the 50% cut-off. We considered reducing the cut-off to 40%, but even then only 2 people would have made the cut-off. Disgusted, we called off the whole thing and came back.

There wasn’t too much of disappointment, as the attitude of many of the students was “So what if these guys didn’t pick us up, with all the huge expansion happening, we’ll definitely get placed somewhere”. Our salary at 2.75L was also considered to be on the lower side!!!!

I have to say that this batch of engineers are among the luckiest people on earth. They’re getting placed even before they complete their 3rd year at fancy salaries. And they don’t even have to be particularly good at whatever they do, such is the demand. I wonder how big their egos will be when they actually come to work and what the fate of the IT companies will be when they have to depend on them to get some actual work done.

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