Sunday, May 27, 2007

Monaco GP 2007

I am slowly getting out of the Formula One craze that I have had for the last 15 years. It’s not that I’m losing interest, no, far from it, but the desire to see every minute of every race is fading. Part of it is due to the live timing from the FIA, I usually have my laptop on during the race and qualifying and I find myself spending equal time on that that on watching the TV. Also, nowadays, the races have become so boring and processional, that especially after the second pitstop, you can just tune off and not miss anything.

The Monaco GP was as dull as the previous race in Barcelona. I think the Mclarens were great and the skill of the drivers were breathtaking, but let’s be honest, they was never going to be any overtaking there. Even Massa, I think just decided to cruise after the first pitstop as he saw that he had no chance of beating the Macs and there was no chance of Fisi catching him. Kimi was unlucky, if he had not had Nick coming up in front of him, he could have got 7th place.

I’ve read reports that the Ferrari was never going to be good at Monaco due to its long wheelbase configuration which is not suited for tight and twisty circuits like Monaco. The next two races in Canada and Indy will be different. I’m thinking now that Kimi is a rank outsider for the championship, it will be like a weight off his shoulders and he should really be able to unleash the raw speed that lies within at these two tracks.

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