Sunday, June 17, 2007

My first 10K run

I last ran more than 10K sometime in 1998. I've been able to run for close to an hour for quite a while now, which is around 8-8.5 km. But the hour mark has been like a psychological barrier, somehow when I get close to an hour of running, I start to slow down and down and then just stop.

Today, I decided to take a different approach. I run around the Agara Lake, a round of which is around 2.5 km and I decided to aim for 4 rounds. I also decided not to look at the time throughout. At two rounds, I really felt like stopping, but after 3 rounds, I was really flying and when I finished the fourth, I felt that I could go on for another round or two.

When I looked at the times on my ipod later, I found that I was remarkably consistent, all the rounds were around the 18 minute mark. In total, I took around 1 hour 12 minutes to do the 10K. That's around a 8.5 kmph speed, which I'm quite pleased about.

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