Monday, July 2, 2007

Motogp at Assen

One of the best races I have seen. I seem to be saying this of just about every Motogp race, such is the level of competition and the intensity of the racing nowadays. After the qualifying, I was quite disappointed to see Rossi back in 11th. Though I was sure of Rossi being able to get to the front, I thought that by the time it happens, Stoner would be so far ahead that Rossi would never be able to catch up. It did sort of play out that way, but luckily for Rossi, Stoner did not have the kind of advantage over the others (Suzuki, Honda), so when Rossi finally got to 2nd, it was just around 4 seconds between himself and Stoner. For the first time, I was following the live timings from and it was fascinating to see how close Rossi was getting with each lap. The way Rossi was hounding him, I thought that it was a foregone conclusion that he would pass him at some stage. It did come as a surprise that Stoner was just not able to respond and Rossi finally cruised to a easy victory.

I also liked the live timing quite a bit. The difference between this and the F1 timing is that the F1 timing is sector wise, whereas the motogp one is only updated at the end of the lap. While sector wise timings can give you more information, they also take your attention away from the action on the screen. I guess that's ok for F1, as nothing much ever happens on track, but in motogp, you would be missing a lot.

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