Thursday, July 5, 2007

Upgraded my broadband speed

Airtel has launched a new scheme with 512 kbps speeds and unlimited downloads costing a whopping 1999 Rs/month. It is a total ripoff, but there is just no other alternative in our poor country. All the higher speed plans have a ridiculous download limit that you exceed within a few hours of watching videos on youtube or other sites. I was earlier on the 256 kbps unlimited, but the experience was so bad that i would just pause and wait for it to download completely before I would start watching it. I'm hoping that the new speed would ease that pain...

UPDATE: The speed upgrade was applied over the weekend. I'm getting close to 500 kbps on a consistent basis and it is a really big difference from the 256 kbps. However, in Chennai, my f-i-l has a 2 mbps BSNL plan and having experienced that, even the 512 just seems so sllooow:-(

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