Thursday, September 20, 2007

An inspiring story

Sometimes, you come across an inspiring story just when you least expect it. I had gone to an engineering college for campus interviews. Given that we are late going to campuses this year and the colleges that we are going are not in the top echelon, I wasn't expecting too much.

Then, I came across a candidate who simply blew me away. It was not because he was brilliant. It was because of his background and what he had achieved. His father was a daily wage worker, who delivers bricks on a bullock cart. He has realized that education is the only way out and borrowed through his nose to get his son through college. We found that this guy was easily the best of the lot and offered him a job.

This reinforced to me the point that India has so much of talent, which goes unnoticed due to a lack of opportunity. Instead of opening up and providing everyone equal access to opportunities to improve the life, our politicians seem intent on shutting them out further.

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