Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cycling Adventures - Week 1

Buying the cycle is the best decision that I ever made. I find that I'm able to sustain my activity for much longer than running. I burn as many calories as before don't end up with the kneepain that was causing me so much of trouble earlier.

I've been going out in the early mornings, so the traffic has not been an issue. Early mornings are probably the only time when you get to breathe some fresh air in Bangalore, so that's been an added bonus. I've stuck to two routes, going on the Outer Ring Road till Marathahalli (20 km) or on the Inner Ring Road till the Domlur flyover (16 km) and then looping back.

As I'd mentioned before, there are a lot of passionate cyclists in Bangalore. On Saturday, I joined a bunch of these people for a weekend ride . It was quite a varied bunch of people, a 50 year lady, a guy who has cycled from Arunachal Pradesh to Ahmedabad, a college student who lost 25 kg cycling and has done a trip from Mysore to Kanyakumari, a PhD who works for Yahoo and his French girlfriend. The ride was fairly sedate, we went on Sarjapur road and cut across to Varthur and then went on a side road for around 10 km. The side road was the interesting part, we experienced a variety of terrain ranging from good (smooth tarmac) to horrible (loose stones). We covered 40 km in total. The highlight was towards the end when a bunch of us decided to test how fast we can go and touched 52 kmph!!! I was thrilled that even after riding 40 km, I was to keep up with these guys.


bottled-imp said...


i purchased a trek some weeks ago. it was quite an accidental purchase. are you folks planning any more such trips? i would like to join you'll. do you have a mailing list or something?

Jagannath Moorthy said...

Check out the Google group Bangalore bikers at