Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've decided to buy a cycle. I got the inspiration from my friend and colleague, Sriram, who has a cycle and uses it for all local commutes in his area. I don't really plan to commute anywhere with it, just use it as a low impact substitute for my morning run, which has given me severe knee pain over the past few weeks.

Just when I start thinking about it, I find out two additional people who are thinking along the same lines. My friend, Rajesh, who runs his own company is moving his office to JP Nagar from Electronics CIty and is planning to use his cycle to go to work. Likewise, my former boss, KR, who works with Rajesh and claims to be a "cyclist all his life" is also planning the same. Some co-incidence.

I also found that there is a small but dedicated community of cyclists in Bangalore and they all meet here

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