Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kanua : Goan restaurant

Lunch has been a very low-key affair of late, I either come home or go to the canteen with friends. O of my friends suggested that we go out for a change. We've got a few restaurants that we usually go to, Bhagini for Andhra food, Roomali or the Village for North Indian, but today everyone was in the mood for something different. Shashi came up with a Goan restaurant near the Wipro corporate office called Kanua.

After I've seen the fish that they catch at Agara lake, I've avoided eating fish in Bangalore. This being a Goan place, fish was the speciality. The waiter swore that the fish does not come from the Bangalore lakes, so we decided to take a chance. It was a meal fit for the gods. Amazing anjal-fish fry. Fish curry with rice-water dosas. The best biryani that I'd eaten in a while. It was fairly cheap too, just over 1000 for the four of us.

This is definitely a place I recommend and intend visiting again and again.

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Gazal said...

try koshy's on st marks road for coastal food.